The Lost Tribe Cooks

A guide for how to improvise, use what you’ve got, and make do!

About The Lost Tribe

Hi friends! We’re currently working on finishing our upcoming cookbook, The Lost Tribe Cooks. Sign up for our mailing list to stay posted on the journey, and we hope to start a Kickstarter soon to support self-publishing of our book!

This book isn’t just a collection of recipes.

The story around the recipe is just as important – why did we put these ingredients together and what happens when it doesn’t work out the way we planned? It had to be about more, because while we are now confident, creative cooks who can weave foods together with little thought or plan, we weren’t always that way. Our stories serve to invite you in and encourage you – because once, perhaps like you, we were afraid and unconfident. There was a time when failed (and we still do!). In the end, it’s because of those experiences that we are successful cooks today.

Between the six of us, we represent people all across the country. We’re not only two generations of women of all different ages and background, but we’re chefs, farmers, caterers, home cooks, and mothers. Our stories are peppered with anecdotal information, humorous encounters, and tragic occurrences. They may sometimes seem unconnected, but read together they tell the story of how we found each other, the farm, and the meaningful cooking lessons we learned along the way.

Who We Are

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Dawn Bernhardt

Dawn owns over 50 cookbooks and has been writing seriously for ten years. The youngest of six children raised in the Upper Midwest, she moved to Seattle in 1999. After sixteen years in the city, she and her family left their comfortable Ballard neighborhood and moved to an off-grid homestead across the road from Rainshadow Organics in 2015. A long-time advocate of CSA, Dawn became the pilot consumer/processor of Rainshadow's full-diet, free choice offering. She is passionate about cooking from scratch as a means for both cooling the planet and offering personal enlightenment.


Wendy DiPaolo

Wendy owned and operated a catering company, catering throughout Marin County and San Francisco as well as for people in the Film industry. Influenced by local, organic farms, she learned the appreciation of creating foods from what the farm had to offer. After moving to Central Oregon in 2010, she began collaboration of Longtable Dinners at Rainshadow Organics. In 2017, Rainshadow Organics built a commercial kitchen where Wendy practices bricolage.


Chris Lawrence

Chris grew up on an apple orchard in Tigard, Oregon that was the family farm. Her grandfather was head of the Portland branch of the Department of Agriculture. It was Chris’s love of horses that brought her to Central Oregon in her mid-twenties and somehow intersected with her unlikely husband, David. Together they bought and farmed the land that is Rainshadow for over 20 years. Their only child, Sarahlee, has been one of the adventures of their life. They now enjoy the abundance that their land has come to produce.


Sarahlee Lawrence

The farm manager at Rainshadow Organics in Sisters, OR. In 2010, Sarahlee converted her family’s farm to certified organic from a small hay and cattle operation. She and her husband, Ashanti, now steward the full-diet farm with the help of family and interns. Today, the farm has a fully operational commercial kitchen and farm store, where they host community meals, farm dinners and classes. They feed over 150 families throughout the year with their CSA and many more through the farmer’s market. Sarahlee loves all of the animals on the farm, but is particularly fold of her ox, Mister Moo.


Lindsay D. Mattison

Lindsay is a professional chef and food writer. After graduating from Cascade Culinary school, Lindsay became the Executive Chef at Jackson’s Corner in Bend, OR. She has a passion for sustainable food practices and supporting local food, which led her to work with Sarahlee Lawrence and Rainshadow Organics. After moving to Durango, CO, with her husband in 2016, she found the farmer in herself and has been enjoying in the trials and errors of small plot farming on her half acre lot.


Rebecca Sokol

Rebecca works at Rainshadow Organics in Sisters, OR, both as a farmer and as one of the chefs at the Longtable dinners. She is passionate about bringing local, organic food into the forefront of her community and home, and loves nothing more than her table filled with family and friends. Her Mediterranean roots, spending summers north of Barcelona over the course of eighteen years, along with working many seasons in the fine dining industry have influenced her palate and sensibility in the kitchen. She has four grown children and loves the community of Sisters Or., which has been her home since 1996.